About the village of Lefokastro and the Pelion Peninsula

Lefokastro is an extremely beautiful coastal village on the Pagasitic Gulf. It is a village of extreme natural beauty, and provides a truly magical setting for your holidays and vacations in the Pelion peninsula.


The village is situated approximately 34km from the city of Volos, and just 6km from the nearby village of Argalasti, which is one of the main towns in the South Pelion region. From here you can easily venture out and explore the beautiful surrounding areas and sample the true beauty and magic of Pelion.


Lefokastro is a perfect destination for those who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday destination away from the crowds and noise of city life. The road that passes through the vilage is one that takes visitors along a very beautiful route through olive groves and past very small and isolated beaches.


There are some very beautiful beaches around Lefokastro on the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf, such as the famous beach of Boufa to the north of neighbouring Afissos and some other beautiful ones in places such as Horto and Milina.


Pelion is a holiday destination for all seasons, and throughout the year, the colours and scenery changes with each passing season.


During the spring and summer months the mountain is full of rich vegetation and plants, creating a beautiful green backdrop against the blue crystal waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea.


In the winter months the famous Pelion ski centre of Agriolefkes is in fulloperation, and here visitors from all over Greece come to enjoy ski and winter sports at this first class and unique ski centre.


Whatever type of holiday and vacation you are looking for, you can be confident that Pelion will be the ideal place for you. Whether you want a holiday to simply unwind and relax or one filled with adventure and activities, Pelion has something for everyone.

Lefokastro, Pelion, Greece
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